Monday, October 03, 2005

Professor's life

Here is a tale from someone whose experiences made her choose to become an ex-professor dump her job. [Update: She continues to be a professor, but at a different place. See her comment below.] Her problems arose not only from students, but also her superiors (HOD, Dean, Director ...). [via Desi Pundit]

Wired has a story about the website RateMyProfessors that is giving a lot of professors a lot of grief and sleepless nights. A typical bad rating is accompanied by this comment: "I learned how to hate a language I already know." After I read it, all I could muster was an "Ouch". [via Chugs'Sunday morning links]


  1. Anonymous said...

    Professor Abi, thanks a lot for giving me a link.

    I still teach, but at a better place. Still, in private sector but this time my dean and director are wonderful individuals. I just teach 6.5 hours and a lot of encouragement to research.

  2. Abi said...

    Thanks, Mridula, for stopping by. I am sorry about the 'ex-professor' reference; it is entirely my mistake.

    Goog luck in your new job!