Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Marriage is like a ...

... a [besieged] castle - those on the outside want to get in, and those on the inside want to get out. [source]

Actually, I got the quote from a friend at our lunch table. The link to the online source is (a) to indicate where the quote comes from [it's a popular Chines exhortation], and (b) to point to the fact that people in social sciences and humanities can put in interesting quotes in their scholarly articles. I can only envy them.


  1. Anonymous said...

    //. I can only envy them. //


  2. Anonymous said...

    Well, I have to say that I am about to get married soon and I am very excited...I feel like there is something that I have to do to complete in my life (DREAM). I have been in a relationship for 6 years and we finally decided that it was time. Time to make it official.

    I have heard some people say that marriage is just a piece of paper but, it is a spiritual thing...A bond before God and I am a Christian and I feel like it is the right thing to do. Do not get me wrong I am not perfect and neither is my fiancé.

    Six years is a long time to live together and not decide to commit. We have been committed to this relationship for 6 years, what would be the difference now?Absolutely nothing... I think that a lot of people are afraid of commitment. Commitment to know that you can live, sleep, (breathe in each others face every day) eat, and have children.

    Time to make a change...time to do something that feels good for the both of us. What do you think? Check out my blog.

  3. Abi said...

    Sekar, Luxurious1: Thanks for your comments.

    L1: Hmm... I would be really interested in knowing how it all turned out. Do please come back a couple of years from now, and tell us!