Sunday, October 16, 2005

Hey, guess what ?

IIPM has magically produced a page listing (only partially) its faculty members. Here is the main page. Here is the page for permanent faculty. As of now, only the Economics and Information Systems faculty are listed.

I am sure faculty lists for the other departments will eventually appear. This will enable us to really test how many of their claims about their faculty are true.

Some quick impressions, though.

  • IIPM doesn't believe in either providing their faculty members with e-mail facility, or giving their e-mail address on its website.
  • The 'professors' in the Delhi unit of IIPM do not prefer to give their qualifications.
  • There is one Prof. Andy V. listed for Information Systems in Delhi. Hmmm. This name does sound familiar, doesn't it?
  • Only the Delhi centre believes in having different faculty teaching different subjects. The centres at Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune and Hyderabad appear to believe in multitasking; each of these centres has just one faculty teaching both Economics and Information Systems. One Prof. Melissa Pinto, for example, is listed for both subjects at the Mumbai centre. Neat, no?
  • No one in these lists (for whom their degrees are mentioned) has a Ph.D. or its management equivalent, the Fellowship.

  • Most of the 'professors' have only an MBA; and, many of these degrees are from IIPM. One has a PGDPE (whatever that is) from IIPM. Clearly, this institution believes it can prosper by coexisting with this strange animal called inbreeding. This animal is known to destroy whatever excellence the institutions (that choose to live with it) ever had. Given the current excellence and reputation levels of IIPM, I really shudder to think what inbreeding is going to do to them. On the other hand, this inbreeding is what has brought them to their current level of excellence ;-)
  • At least one of them has only a BBA. At least in this respect, IIPM has not bothered to differentiate itself from a host of tinpot colleges that have mushroomed all over the country.
  • Finally, the overwhelming impression one gets from IIPM's advertisements is that their faculty are hotshots who are always jet-setting around the world, hobnobbing with topnotch Ivy League professors and industry leaders (or, should we call them 'Business Barons'?). Having advertised heavily to create such an impression, shouldn't it have a website which has a little bit more information recounting what these people have been upto?
  • Oops, I almost forgot. The link to their 'visiting faculty' page is broken.

All this shows that IIPM has not bothered to put together all this information in a coherent well-thought out fashion. They are only reacting to all the blogospheric criticisms, and they are reacting badly.

At best, this page is incorrect, and incomplete, and we can only hope that it will be made better. On the other hand, it may be a true reflection of reality!


  1. Anonymous said...

    nice blog

  2. Anonymous said...

    I feel that given that this and other blogs have complained about the lack of information on the IIMP site, you should give them some encouragement for coming out with the facts(even incomplete). It shows they are atleast trying to put out useful information.

  3. Anonymous said...

    And imagine magazines giving such places a ranking, it is such a worrying trend. What we bloggers can find so easily, publication houses with their vast budgets cannot!

  4. Anonymous said...

    In Andy's blog, he is just a student into his second term...

  5. Anonymous said...

    reminds me of elementary schools in backward rural areas where there is only one teacher for all subjects and groups of students. he/she keeps shifting from room to room (or corner to corner wthin the same room someties), giving assignments to each bunch to keep them occupied while tending to the next bunch!

  6. Abi said...

    P-IL, Anon, Mridula, Ravikiran, Charu: Thanks for your comments.

    Anonymous: Please remember, only a relentless criticism and 'sunlight' or media glare can get them to dish out more details. Why would they want to be more transparent if they can attract a lot of students with just flashy ads?

    Mridula: I wouldn't easily blame mainstream media. After all, there are literally many hundreds of colleges of dubious quailty. They can't be going after each one of them. Even bloggers -- as a collective -- cannot do that. If all our efforts on IIPM make the other colleges to get their act together, we should be happy.

    Ravikiran: Are we sure that the two Andys are the same?

    Charu: :-)

    Having said all this, I must say something about what I really think is going on. The faculty pages of IIPM appear to have been put together in a hurry. Hopefully, we will get a more complete picture sometime later. In the meantime, I was only tickled about the contents of the two pages, which made me do this post.

    Well, it has been two full working days since I made the post. The faculty pages have not seen a change. May be what they have there is true. Shudder!

  7. Anonymous said...

    How do they get to use the term "Professor" so frivolously. I remember an un-tenured faculty reminding his PhD student to address him as "Dr. XYZ" instead of "Prof. XYZ".

    Isn't there a protocol on such things?

  8. Abi said...

    Niket, there certainly is a protocol. But we are talking about very special people working is a very special institution that dares. Now that it has gone beyond (to where? hell?), it is not bound by such protocols!

    It is beyond anyone's comprehension how any B-school with a 'premier' tag can have someone who just has a Bachelors degree as a 'permanent' faculty member.

  9. Anonymous said...

    Don't worry... as soon as we're done with collecting up the IIPM faculty info such as the courses they teach, theie educational qualifications, the campuses they teach at and if required mug shots, we'll be setting it all up as image files on flickr and google groups - all in the public domain.... if IIPM thinks this is going to get over soon... lousy approach by them... think 2006 - all the way!