Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Now, it's time for some fun

In all the heat and dust raised by a certain institution's lawsuit threats, it is easy to get too mired in what a friend of mine would refer to as 'heaviosity'. I think it is time to free up one's mind, and what better way to do it than read some fun stuff, and parodies in particular. Of course, it is difficult to out-parody the very parody that is at the root of the recent spike in blogging.

Without much ado, let me just direct you to two dazzling gems written by Gawker. By the way, can anyone confirm the rumour that Gawker's day job is with the Onion?

Update: Here is one more by Gawker. This makes it three in a row. Another piece by another great writer, the GreatBong.

Update 2 (16 October 2005): Kitabkhana juoins the fun with a great post.


  1. Anonymous said...

    wow heh thanks for the compliment abi.

  2. Anonymous said...

    since it's only a rumour, i'll confirm it.....

  3. Anonymous said...

    Thanks for putting the "great" before the "writer" as well as before the Bong :-)

    Now that it is public knowledge that Gawker works for the Onion, the day is not far off when some guys will go to the sabzimandi, rough up the sabziwala and then burn onions.

  4. Abi said...

    Gawker, GreatBong: It is for me to thank you guys for producing those truly priceless gems.

    And, yes, given the kind of education they get at 'the institution that goes beyond the IIMs', onion-burning just might happen.

    Sunil, now that the news is confirmed, perhaps we should find a good way to celebrate!