Monday, October 24, 2005

Google Blog features creator of GMail

[Even if you are a GMail user, do read his post at least for the interesting bit of trivia at the beginning; and, no, I am not giving it here!]

I am sure many of you use GMail, and have been impressed by it. Paul Buchheit, the Google engineer behind this great product, has a nice post up on Google Blog. He recounts some of his ideas with which he started working on GMail. And, he promises more useful features.

This is how Buchheit describes the email experience in the pre-GMail era:

I rely on email, a lot, but it just wasn't working for me. My email was a mess. Important messages were hopelessly buried, and conversations were a jumble; sometimes four different people would all reply to the same message with the same answer because they didn't notice the earlier replies. I couldn't always get to my email because it was stuck on one computer, and web interfaces were unbearably clunky. And I had spam. A lot of it. With Gmail I got the opportunity to change email – to build something that would work for me, not against me.

Those of us who got our accounts on GMail have slowly stopped using the other email addresses (or give them to websites, such as the Business Standard's, so as to be able to avail their services). If you are not with us in being able to admire this wonderful product, don't be a 'have-not' any more, just join the 'haves'!