Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Brutality at Bangalore: An update

[ A quick update to this post ] Through an internal grapevine, I got a link to this New Indian Express story.

[Unfortunately, I am unable to read it, because of a malfunction in the newspaper's registration site; so I am just reporting what the grapevine has reported.]

Apparently, two ticket collectors, one RPF Assistant Sub-Inspector and three RPF constables have been suspended, and a detailed inquiry has been ordered.

If any of you could post the news story's gist in the comments, it would be helpful for everyone. I will greatly appreciate it.


  1. Anonymous said...

    Thanks for the update. Here we go.
    BANGALORE: Six officials, including four railway protection force personnel, have been placed under suspension in connection with the alleged assault of a software firm employee at Bangalore city railway station on September 30 and an inquiry ordered into the incident.

    The suspended were two ticket collectors, an RPF assistant Sub-inspector and three RPF constables.

    Senior divisional commercial Manager S Gagarin said on Friday that an inquiry by senior railway officials would be conducted.

    The divisional Chief manager and other higher officials would hold meetings with the victim Nimish V Adani and the RPF personnel on duty that day. Action would be taken against the guilty after the inquiry, he asserted.

    Mr Adani had alleged that when he was coming out of the railway station after seeing off his fiancée and her mother, a ticket collector sought his ticket.

    Even though he had presented the ticket, the ticket collector along with his colleague and the RPF personnel pushed him into an adjacent enquiry cabin and physically manhandled him.

    At this point, Srinivas, a stranger claiming to be an Infosys employee offered help.

    A written statement was taken from him stating that he did not have a platform ticket. Then Srinivas took him in an auto and withdrew Rs 15,000 from his ATM and tried to buy a mobile phone with his card. Realising the con job, he escaped with his card and cash, he had claimed.

  2. Abi said...

    Hi Selva,

    Thanks for posting the contents of that IE story.