Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Thanks to a nifty web app called Seesmic Web, I have found a way to re-engage with Twitter [here] without blowing up large chunks of time. Ambient Intimacy, baby!

Here are a few links to celebrate my newly acquired digital awareness. Have I mentioned I believe in the power of positive reinforcement?

  1. David Carr in NYTimes: Why Twitter Will Endure. This particular feature is worth excerpting:

    ... And the ethos of Twitter, which is based on self-defining groups, is far more well-mannered than many parts of the Web — more Toastmasters than mosh pit. On Twitter, you are your avatar and your avatar is you, so best not to act like a lout and when people want to flame you for something you said, they are responding to their own followers, not yours, so trolls quickly lose interest.

  2. Cory Doctorow in The Guardian: How to say stupid things about social media: "Criticising social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook is as pointless as knocking people who discuss the weathe."

  3. Lydia Polgreen in NYTimes: Indian Official [um, Shashi Tharoor] Gets Far On A Few Words.


  1. Giri@iisc said...

    IISc is also on twitter