Tuesday, January 26, 2010

China's growing stature in science

A bunch of links -- which have links to other pieces of interest.

  1. Evan Osnos in New Yorker: Science Superpowers. This follow-up post strikes a sobering note.

  2. An online panel discussion in NYTimes on Will China Achieve Science Supremacy?

  3. Clive Cookson in The Financial Times: China scientists lead world in research growth. [Check out the graph accompanying this story: China's publications grew by more than 12 times between 1990 and 2008, while India's grew by just three times.]

  4. And finally, an example of China's Big Think: hiring Big Guns.


  1. TGFI said...

    sorry for the off topic comment, but your bloglines feed is all messed up- i wasn't seeing any posts from you in the longest time- until today..

  2. Abi said...

    TGFI: I have no idea about why BlogLines has a problem with this blog's RSS feed. Perhaps you should try switching to Google Reader? I haven't had a problem here ...

  3. Anonymous said...


    Is India trying to do anything like China. this means trying to attract distinguished Academicians back to India. Is there any initiative in that direction.

  4. sunder said...

    Its interesting to note that we in India have somewhat similar issues as the ones in china. We too have the same problem of conducting poor quality research just to boost the number of publications. Journals like Acta Crystallographica Section E exist in India and banning them should be a good start. Given the current positive political climate(Mr.Sibal) and the ease of establishing the impact of journals this can be achieved and an automatic pressure to improve the quality of publications can be exerted on our scientists.