Sunday, January 24, 2010

Links ...

  1. Featured link: Antara Dev Sen in The Asian Age on the sorry state of free speech in India -- with examples of serious threats emanating from the ruling Communists in Kerala and from a Supreme Court Bench. [Hat tip: V. Venkatesan at Law and Other Things]

  2. Brayden King at Orgtheory.Net: Writing is a lot like golf.

  3. Robert Nozick's 1986 article: Why Do Intellectuals Oppose Capitalism? [Link via Chetan's comment in an earlier post on left-leaning-ness of American professoriat]

  4. Sam Sommers at Science of Small Talk has figured out the ingredients of The Greatest Blog Post Ever. The post has everything that attracts readers like bees to a flower: Sex, Infidelity, Happiness, Race, Tiger Woods, Pictures of Celebrities, and "every single stereotype you've ever heard about men and women is, in actuality, an unavoidable, Darwin-sanctioned truth," ...

  5. Barbara Isanski and Catherine West in APS Observer: The Body of Knowledge -- Understanding Embodied Cognition.