Monday, January 04, 2010

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  1. After one Rao (CNR, in 2005), it's time for another: C.R. Rao Bags India Science Award.

  2. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's speech at the 2010 Indian Science Congress at Thiruvananthapuram. You are better off reading a summary in The Hindu or The Telegraph (by T.V. Jayan).

  3. Citara Paul in The Telegraph: Call for First Caste Census:

    India may next year witness its first census since Independence that refers to caste, if the Centre accepts a social justice ministry recommendation that could be politically controversial.

    Officials said the ministry had asked for caste to be included as one of the criteria in the 2011 census, and recommended a differential headcount of the Other Backward Classes and reassessment of their conditions that could lead to changes in the OBC list.

    Here's my view from 2007 supporting the caste census.

  4. This 2007 post has relevant links to the academic debate on caste census.


  1. Arun said...

    So lemme rename myself as C Rao

  2. Anonymous said...

    CN -> Cyanide?

  3. K V S Hari said...

    Long overdue. I attended a conference in his honour at Hyd (30 Dec 09-2 Jan 10) in his 90th birth year and it was astonishing that he asked questions after a lecture, walked around normally, ate the same food like the rest of the delegates and took care of his numerous foreign friends and students, personally! It was a wonderful experience to see a living legend with such humility that all other 'leading' scientists should learn!!