Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Links ...

  1. Here are this year's Padma Award winners. Congratulations to our colleague Prof. Vijayalakshmi Ravindranath for winning the Padma Shri. Nobel winner Venki Ramakrishnan gets Padma Vibhushan.

  2. Alan Becker at Deviant Art: Animator vs. Animation. [video]

  3. Melissa McEwan at Shakesville: Feminism 101.

  4. Jennifer Ouellette at Cocktail Party Physics: Let Me Explain.

  5. Christopher Beam and Josh Levin in Slate: The iState of the Union -- Steve Jobs delivers the annual presidential address.

  6. A video on priming. Messing With Your Mind. It's amazing and scary how your mind can be tricked by seemingly irrelevant things. [This also looks to me like another example of 'embodied cognition,' though it's not presented as such.]

  7. The Economist: The Psychology of Power -- Power corrupts, but it corrupts only those who think they deserve it.