Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Women's dominance in higher ed?

It dawned in the West two or three decades ago -- women outnumber men in universities and colleges there, by as much as (or higher than) 2 to 1.

In some countries, women are a minority only in sciences (especially physical sciences) and engineering -- but the trends appear to favor a female majority soon.

These are the inescapable conclusions from the following set of stories in the latest (online) issue of University World News:

  1. Global: Women No Longer the Second Sex.

  2. South Africa: Gender Divide Breached.

  3. Canada: School the Cause of Male Minority?

  4. Ireland: Engineering -- the Last Male Bastion.

  5. Australia: Male Decline Continues.

  6. USA (from an earlier issue): New Growth in Domestic Graduate Student Enrollment: "Overall, nearly 60% of all graduate students in autumn 2008 were women, and they comprised a larger share of total enrolees at the masters and graduate certification level (61%) as well as at doctoral level (51%)."