Monday, October 19, 2009

IIT-Patna seems to be at the leading edge of autonomy

From the faculty recruitment ad (Update: the ad has been corrected sometime after this post went up this afternoon -- see below) for IIT-Patna [link via Kaushal's comment]:

Pay Scales:

Assistant Professor (on contract): To be appointed in PB-3 (Rs.15,600-39,100) with AGP of Rs. 6,000/- p.m. with seven non-compounded advance increments. After 1 year, the AGP will be Rs. 7,000/-

Assistant Professor: To be appointed in PB-4 (Rs.37,400-67,000) with AGP of Rs. 9,000/- p.m.

Associate Professor: To be appointed in PB-4 (Rs.37,400-67,000) with AGP of Rs. 9,500/- p.m.

Professor: To be appointed in PB-4 (Rs.37,400-67,000) with AGP of Rs. 10,500/- p.m.

According to our understanding, APs start at Rs. 38,000 (PB-3 pay of Rs. 30,000 and AGP of Rs. 8,000) and move to Rs. 46,400 (PB-4 pay of Rs. 37,400 + AGP of Rs. 9,000) only after three years of PB-3 penance.

[Update: Okay, the ad has now been corrected. Our understanding remains intact. The latest version reads:

Assistant Professor: To be appointed in PB-3 (Rs.15,600-39,100) with AGP of Rs. 8,000/- p.m. For direct recruits, minimum pay in the Pay Band to be fixed at Rs. 30,000/-

Assistant Professors in IITs, IISc Bangalore, IIMs, NITIE Mumbai and IISERs, on completion of three years of service shall move to Pay Band 4 (Rs.37,400-67,000) with AGP of Rs. 9,000/- and will, however, continue to be designated as Assistant Professor.

End of Update.]

But the IIT-P ad appears to suggest that APs will be placed directly at PB-4 with Rs. 9000 of AGP.

Either the recruitment ad has wrong information about the AP salary, or IIT-P is getting far ahead of the pack in exercising its autonomy.


  1. Anonymous said...

    see the link of IIT Patna now, it is corrected

    But, it is surprising how these new IIT's are maintaining their web sites!!!! See IIT Hyderabad site, they are showing IIT Hyderabad professor as their regular professor, IIT Gandhinagar shows the name of the professors who will join, how they can show the name on their web site who has not joined yet? They are seems to be advertisement sites of some private engineering college, they want to show that look we have such and such regular faculties and want to attract faculties and students to join them!!!

  2. Anonymous said...

    This time many IIT seats went vacant. Happened for the first time. Many IIT-JEE cleared students did not take admission in new IITs. Preferred to study elsewhere. Now this sort of advt. like pvt. engg. college. The message is clear and loud. Anybody listening?

  3. Anonymous said...

    IIT Patna now has the pay scales at the lowest amongst all New IITs.