Sunday, October 04, 2009

Links ...

A bunch of fun links:

  1. The Ig Nobels were awarded sometime ago, well before the real Nobels are announced (later this week). Here are a couple of reports on the event. My favourite?

    PEACE PRIZE: Stephan Bolliger, Steffen Ross, Lars Oesterhelweg, Michael Thali and Beat Kneubuehl of the University of Bern, Switzerland, for determining — by experiment — whether it is better to be smashed over the head with a full bottle of beer or with an empty bottle.

  2. Scott Jaschik has a story on, an online "service" that has a great USP for college students: ... sells students (for only $3.95, soon to go up to $5.95) intentionally corrupted files. Why buy a corrupted file? Here's what the site says: "Step 1: After purchasing a file, rename the file e.g. Mike_Final-Paper. Step 2: E-mail the file to your professor along with your 'here's my assignment' e-mail. Step 3: It will take your professor several hours if not days to notice your file is 'unfortunately' corrupted. Use the time this website just bought you wisely and finish that paper!!!"

    Using this story as a launching pad, commenters at Crooked Timber revisit the topic of hilarious excuses offered by students for not handing in their work on time.

  3. Two links from Faking News, an Onion-esque site specializing on India-related topics: