Tuesday, October 06, 2009

IISc Council adopts SPC recommendations

Tucked away in a news story about IISc's undergraduate program, is this item:

The academic council has also decided to go ahead with the implementation of the Sixth Pay Commission’s recommendations.

The pay revision notification for Indian Institute of Science, along with IITs, was issued last month by the HRD (Human Resource Development) Ministry, triggering much protests across the nation.

Under the new pay scale, the starting salary for an assistant professor on contract will be Rs 37,000, a Rs 52,000 for regular a assistant professor, and Rs 59,000 for a professor.

The other numbers look about right, but professors' salaries start at just under Rs.80,000 a month (without house rent allowance), or just under Rs. 1 million per year.


  1. Anonymous said...

    Yeah, the professor's salary looks off. Under Rs 80K/mo is about right. As for the OCAP salary ... well, does IISc have any plans of hiring OCAPs? I would have thought they would be loathe to take in anyone without additional experience post-PhD.

    Also, if they do hire OCAPs, it will be interesting to see how their job-profile evolves.

  2. Arun K. Subramaniyan said...

    I am not sure if MHRD introduced OCAP newly or just formalised an existing practice. I know that at least from 2008 (probably even before), there was some mechanism at IISc to hire fresh PhDs without any post-doc experience on a temporary basis. I don't know what salary/designation was offered at the time. It was neither encouraging news then nor it is today.

    Just to clarify, what is considered post-doc experience at IISc? Is it any job after completing te PhD (presumably related to the PhD) or just the traditional post-doc in a University?

  3. Abi said...

    @Anon: I don't have any details on how IISc will deal with OCAPs. So I'm not able to respond to your question.

    @Arun: IISc started a Centenary Post-Doctoral Fellowship sometime ago. You are probably referring to this position.

    IISc is probably agnostic about type of post-doc one does. As a practical matter, though, it would certainly be in the candidates' interest to go for those post-docs (academia, govt. labs, etc) that lead to publications and strengthen their CV.

  4. Arun K. Subramaniyan said...


    Thanks for the clarification. My question was more about the perception in IISc about people who apply from industrial research labs (with a decent publication record). I ask because the general feeling in some schools about industrial research is not always positive.


  5. Abi said...

    No, I don't think IISc is snooty towards post-doc in industry. As long as there are papers, it really should not matter how/where the candidate wrote them!

  6. Anonymous said...

    What is the new HAG scale that Professor Madras mentions in his blog. Is it in sixth pay commission or Mehta's recommends?