Friday, October 30, 2009

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  1. Featured link: Pankaj Jalote (Director, IIIT-Delhi) in the Economic Times: Who's afraid of foreign universities?

  2. An old article (from 2006) in Business Week by Nandini Lakshman: Will foreign universities come to India?

  3. Sticking to the theme of foreign universities, here's one about Australia's experience with them.

  4. This court battle between a South Korean university and Yale is interesting -- at least for the way Yale is fighting it in public. Consider what its spokesman said: "We think the jury will certainly consider the fact that the chairman of Dongguk’s board was convicted of soliciting and receiving an illegal government subsidy from Ms. Shin’s lover, who was an adviser to the Korean president."

  5. You probably don't need more evidence of how tough things have been for American public universities lately. If you do, here is one for you.


  1. Anonymous said...

    Most of these foreign universities may start their management program as it requires less infrastructure. Indian students are anyway willing to pay high for MBA degrees.

    It will be a while before any leading US university establishes science and engineering based research programs in Indian campus.

    A Professor of Engineering in US

  2. Anonymous said...

    the last para in the interview with IIIT-Delhi director is important - there should not be any subsidy from the govt. in terms of land or money unless there is a research/phd component besides mgmt, IT and other soft-programs. there should be a strong filtration mechanism to ensure that it is mutually beneficial and there is value addition in India too.
    Considering opinions in the upper echeleons of US educational community, as highlighted in a recent report -
    Rising above the gathering storm
    it would be interesting what enggr programs will be offered.