Monday, February 09, 2009

Pink Chaddi campaign

This novel protest is being choreographed by the Consortium of Pub-going, Loose and Forward Women:

It does not matter that many of us have not thought about Valentine's Day since we were 13. If ever. This year let us send the Sri Ram Sena some love. Let us send them some PINK CHADDIS.

And their poster is fabulous:


  1. Winnowed said...

    Why are the Chaddis being sent to The Pink Chaddi Campaign? Can’t I send them directly to the Moral Police or Mr. Pramod Mutalik directly? Can someone please circulate Pramod Mutalik’s address?

  2. Anonymous said...

    What utter crap!

  3. Anonymous said...

    alcohol does ruin the brain...and stupidity has no limits...

  4. Anonymous said...

    The address to send the package is:
    Pramod Muthalik,
    Chief, Sri Rama Sene,
    #11, Behind New Bus Stand, Gokhul Road, Near Lakshmi Park,
    HUBLI - Karnataka

  5. Anonymous said...

    You think the poster is fabulous? just wait till you get notices from aggrieved parties like RSS , Brahmakumaris etc for spoiling theri reputation. MAny cases are on the way & all bloggers who are linking that poster will be wiating in the court , to give their statement.

    You will feel even better then , I hope

  6. Anonymous said...

  7. Sports said...

    HILARIOUS MAN... Check out his Pink Chaddi here -

  8. Anonymous said...

    The Pink Condom Campaign - equally innovative reply to the Pink Chaddi campaign

  9. Ajay Harish said...

    I guess people should read through this article which is a well written answer to all these stupid pink campaigns

  10. Anonymous said...

    Whats your stand on valentines day.
    A very interesting pole is going on here about valentines day. Every one caste your vote there.
    vote for freedom

  11. Unknown said...

    I think the campaign is awesome and anyone who thinks otherwise is a narrow minded, fist swinging coward.. who doesnt have the brains to know better...It a step that enterprising women have taken to put their foot down on the labels that have dogged our footsteps through the centuries on the kind of behaviour that is appropriate... who are u to judge anyway... its funny how people are reacting to the campaign...there seems to be a lot of fear and empty posturing...

  12. Anonymous said...

    Another innovate masterpiece:

    Condoms are much more cheaper and fulfill a much higher fucntion than cheddi. Especially for the promiscious it is a boon and can prevent pregnancy and veneral disease. A very apt present for Valentines. But I am not sure whether condoms are secular enough. As the mullahs and the catholic preists (no less than the Pope) have condemned condoms and asked the followes to breed incessently. The organisers of the condom campaign have mentioned that they will continue beyond Valentines day.

  13. Anonymous said...

    Great!!! Send these sick pink chaddis to RSS, BJP, VHP, Baj Rang Dal, Shiv Sena etc too!!!

    RSS is the real culprit & thier diferent offshoots are the tools to achieve thier nefarious objective......

    Lets throw out the BJP,VHP,Baj Rang Dal and all sena be it shiv, ram, ranvir etc.

    Even krishna had crores of affairs, Ram too did not went shooting mindless even when his own wife got abducted, kunti had son's out of wedlock, pandva shared thier brother's wife etc.

    And this idiotic thugs a living failures are trying to teach us what morality is, what culture is etc all in facade of deft nationalism & religion. Fuck these bastards.

    Not only send them pink chaddis but start hitting them on streets.... let them get the tastes.

    Religion is like condom or toothpaste, which one wants to use or even not to use is his or her wish & perogative and not someone's else forced opinion.

    Ask RSS, BJP, VHP, Baj Rang Dal, Ram Sena, MNS, Shiv Sena, Durga Vahini etc to stop thier mother & daughter finger & hand which they use to molest themselves if they want to police then police thier own family members but not others.

  14. Anonymous said...

    There are some perverts who have started another desperate campaign to save their face called the pinkcondom campaign.

    This sleazy campaign must be started to offset the pinkchaddi campaign. But in doing so they showed their perfect true colours.

    True colours are that, whenever this moral sex starved police think of women they can only think about sex and so they can think of only the condom. But they beat their chest about morality and protecting women.

    For them women is only sex and they could not resist the condom. They are dying to wear it. Finally they want condoms to distribute to their own fraternity and so they are using this campaign for their own benefits as their actions speak louder than their stupid words

    Hail the pink chaddi campaign.

  15. Anonymous said...


    What has BJP got to do with the pink chaddi thing?

    Just a matter of weeks - wait and watch - you'll know who throws out whom. Keep spewing venom till then.

    Rest of the comment reflects your state of mind - too demeaning to respond.


  16. Pratyush Tiwary said...

    I believe as Indians we have a collective memory, a collective heritage of 5000 years. I feel appalled as to how fashionable it has become these days to simply deride this heritage. Surely many bits of this heritage are wrong, but why is it correct to become "loose" and "pub-going"?

    We fail to see that few of the most beautiful schools of human thought - amongst them the art and science of Yoga, the carefree magic of Sufism, the practise of meditation - evolved as a by-product of this immense web of culture.

    In my humble opinion, collective memory is the key to the advance of us humans out of all our plights and existential issues. Imagine what would science be like if every 50 years we just DENOUNCED all previous theories, and assume as true any recent fad! Surely the old gets replaced by the new, but only if the new is seen to be definitely better than the old - Einstein over Newton is an example.

  17. Anonymous said...

    Loose and pubgoing is meant to be sarcastic. It means appearances aren't everything. Just because we hang out in pubs doesn't mean we're raving alcoholics who will strip at the drop of a hat. We want the right to choose. We refuse to be moral policed while doing something which is perfectly legal.

  18. Anonymous said...

    Having read some threads here, where men are against women drinking, please note the following :
    Sita used to consume wine
    (After recovering his kidnapped wife Sita from Lanka, Rama's coronation is performed upon returning to Ayodhya. Both Rama and Sita spend their evenings enjoying wine as well as succulent well-cooked meats in the Asoka-grove. The following quote which captures this regal scene is from Uttarakanda sarga 52 (or sarga 42 in some editions) of Valmiki Ramayana)

    Kama Sutra – Which religious followers can ever lay claim on a book like the Kamsutra. Imagine if the Jihandis had read this book, the world would have been a very peaceful place to live. They are promised of the some virgins after martyrdom, in Hinduism its part of daily life, who the hell wants to die! It’s another thing that most Indian men may not have read or tried the various positions. Imagine the Jihandis are told to make love 5 times a day.

    Khajuraho – The meticulously described positions by the sculptures at Khajuraho proclaims the arrival of a highly evolved religion. A religion which is not scared of its sexuality. Today when debates rage within various religious groups between contraception’s and pre martial sex we don’t even blink an eyelid on these issues. Until a ruckus is created by semi literate groups or sexually frustrated uncle in some God
    forsaken corner of the country.

    When the Church is petrified on the thought that Christ might have had a daughter, we know what a play boy Krishna was.

    Finally in regards to attire, Amar Chitra Katha’s sketches of the Apsara’s is the ultimate in sensual clothing. If the Ram Sena is demanding that all girls should wear similar cloths, please forward me your membership form, I will love to join your gang. Till then am biased to Lord Krishna.

    By the way Son BJP of mothered RSS is the Venom in the society. These are the entity who were with britishers and against India. After independence they killed Gandhi & now claim that India is because of them. L K Advani says he worships Jinah and Narendra Modi wants to be in US for which he begs to the westerners :)

    BJP will die its own death, as Hindu (the word given by the arab muslims) has given the casteism. Kamandal is now only used by the mandals to go for toilet and nothing more.

    Some misguided shudra's in false identity of themselves because still they have not attained the social acceptability and thats the reason we find them to be virulent. Stop your crap.

    If the big daddy US frowns hinduism will wither away

  19. Anonymous said...


    The point is not to ridicule any religion, but it's to drive a point that many things in general mass concise is nothing more than perceivement of static
    1. idea of religion,
    2. idea of culture,
    3. idea of thoughts,
    4. idea of living a life,

    and this perceived populism which takes the form of belief is always, happen to be an concentric propaganda of few selfish group's in society for their own vested interest be it in lines / names of religion, culture, nationality, ethnicity etc. This propaganda has nothing to do with reality nor is ever meant to serve the interest of society or human beings at large. It's only to serve the few who preach opposite to have their say or hold on society but themselves never practice- as in reality it is not to be practiced or live such a life.

    Culture or Religion both have intermingled; in simplicity terms let me say-
    Religion is nothing but a permanent truth consisting of
    1. to be honest to oneself & all.
    2. to have compassion for all.
    3. to be educated.
    4. to have broad horizon.
    5. respect for all.

    Now another truth in religion can be associated but is not permanent truth i.e. this truth is in fact to be dependent with respect to time & space.
    1. In Muslim’s it’s allowed to have four wives for men. This had relevance during those times as anarchy & blood shed was the norm in that part of the society of earth and that’s the reason for it. As during those day’s taking more than one women was already into practice- so in order to limit it somehow this number got associated. But hardly we find the case now, though the practice has religion sanctity or societal & legal sanctity but not practiced as it’s irrelevant in today’s time in most part of world including Arab countries.
    On similar lines to wear burkha, to count days seeing moon, to have white color cloths with men & headscarf etc,
    All this reflects the relevance of that time & condition of society. But today with the modern technology one can drive in sunny hot days in AC car, water is available freely everywhere in Arab countries because of desalination plants, travelling is no more preferred at night to avoid harsh heat in the day etc.

    Similarly in India introduction of pardah gained during the chaotic times & that too came into force only in rajput & kshatriya clans as they were into fighting’s, to avoid their women getting unwanted attention from enemy, similarly sati practice came not from religion but from the individual women’s specifically meant for suicide so as to escape the wrath of enemy who after conquering used to inflict wounds, atrocities on them to instill the fear among their enemy in general etc. This some how started in kings courtyard also gained momentum among the soldiers and influential person's of the defeated kingdom. Some how the vested interest within the society started this to be associated with religion. But all this is irrelevant in today's time & during that time too it was never the religious duty.

    Rajput again is hunk dynasty but got intermingled with the Indian people. So basically its outsider, now do we throw them out.

    So how could one say that any influence from west should be thrown out, that too when it’s of no harm. If that is shall we stop wearing pants, shirt, underwear’s etc and switch to dhoti, lungi, langota etc.

    Should we also stop the boys playing holy with girls, don't they enjoy themselves? We play with sister, mom & also with girls who are not our relatives and flirt with them- all being the part of it. It leads to sex, it leads to marriage, it leads to just one night stands too etc depending on the consenting individual's desire, wants & tastes. SO whats wrong isn't all this- what constitutes life.

    But we as society & individual would definitely oppose, if all this is initiated by any men or women to anyone who does not like it or is not consenting partner in his/her initiative towards him/her.

    Similarly all those who visit temple including you & me, even flirt their too, by this act the sanctity of the holy temple does not diminishes. But if a boy or girl even forces deliberately with another person of his / her choice only, in closed doors of bedroom without the consent of his/her partner then its wrong.

    My mom is uneducated, sari wearing women. She is uneducated not because those time in society women were not been sent to school. No, that time also women used to go school but from those family who could afford it & were too educated themselves but yes true it was not common or general in society. Now that’s not the case so we find everyone getting educated. Similarly is with cloths, even salwar kameez my mom does not wear but that is not the case with my sis or wife, they wear jeans too. So it only shows the good times of now that the society is having real freedom.

    So was case with my dad till school he used to wear dhoti, started wearing pant's only in college. My dad & mom is +65 yrs now.

    Men of those times and now too, don't they see women who is clad in sari or burkha. Don't they enjoy their movements? Is that my wife, or sis or let be anyone's daughter when they go out their body is not been admired, lusted, wanted etc or she won't be flirting. Don't we do it? But the question is whether it’s subtle, consenting or is it bullying, un-consented move etc.

    The pink chaddi campaign terming it as loose, forward & modern women is nothing but a forceful way of saying to the militant self proclaimed lecherous fanatical person's & their school of thought that " the above label of their generalization of them (women) is their distorted view point & vilification of the independence of women’s of today’s....." in deft facade / veil of nationalism or religion or culture, but the bottom line to see that the women remain subservient to them. They do not want them to be equals though the God has created them as equal entity. These are the groups who also are practicing racism in name of casteism, dravidan’s etc. All the time the objective of this self styled, self proclaimed thekedar of society- being to divide and keep the general masses unprogressive & bind them in some false emotional notion of Holiness.

    Good by giving them panties the women have aptly exposed these fanatics, that this is their real intention at looking them. So take this panty & yes we are the loose, forward & modern- so what.

    If these guys want to practice what they trying to shout- then why not- when these fanatics move on road look at the women’s feet or on women’s face only. But plsssssssss do not enforce their narrow, bigoted version of sanskarism to others.

  20. Anonymous said...

    What do you think of yourself? You want to create history? Want to gain popularity? that's why you chose to do such an act. You take Lord Rama and Lord Krishna's name for promoting your so called pub culture? You call that lord Krishna had affairs with thousands of women. But did you practically think this is possible for a normal man. How many women can you date in your entire life? If it takes 3 months to date one, then a 90 year old person can date at the most 360 women in his entire life from age of 1 year(if you think it is possible). If he is not a normal person, then he must have taken at least 1000 or more forms to date them as you say. That means he is god. And can you prove that he had illegal relations with any one. No. The time he did Raas Leela with women, he was just 5 years old. can you expect some child to have such thinking. Your filthy minds and sex addiction has spoilt your thinking, logic and even the conscience that governs what is right and what is wrong.

    What did the person say, lord Rama went to bring his wife. Let me tell you that ravana could not do anything wrong save stealing her. That does not do anything with this issue.

    Before questioning Hindu gods and goddesses, you must see for yourself that what you are, what status you have and how much goody you have done to anyone. Your words can be compared to a dog barking in front of a wise elephant. Now even is this comment is deleted, atleast someone has read it and does not have the ability to withstand truth.

    Listening truth and speaking truth are not everyone's game. If women call themselves independent, then why they depend on men even for sex. Why can't they produce children alone? There must be cooperation betweeen husband and wife like tyres of a tractor. The rear tires must be bigger because they have to bear more stress and weight. The tyres in front are relatively short and less stressed under weight. Does that mean you interchange them to make them equal?

    Women must be free in their speech, expression and decision making power. But they must depend on men for protection against lusty beasts. If they life so called freely whose gonna protect them from getting raped every night like in former taliban. Then they would speak of their culture.

    Tell, why the western people joined ISKCON and women gave up drinking, drugs and their habits. I dont tell anyone to do so.

    If you want to protect yourself from being used like a sex toy, better be in limits of mankind. Consider that most gang rapes and sexual abuses are there in these parties and specially rave parties.

    If you protect your culture, your culture will protect you. If you do destroy it, it will do back for you too.

  21. Anonymous said...

    I agree with Bhav. Our culture is at stake and we must do our part to save it. Cheers to you Bhav!