Friday, February 27, 2009

Is Bangalore safe for women?

After the Mangaluru pub attack, it appears to be Bengaluru's turn, with several reported attacks -- at least two of them in broad daylight -- in public spaces and in the presence of quite a few witnesses / bystanders.

In what appears to be inspired by the pub attack in Mangalore, three women have been attacked in the city over the past week. All three in their 20s and in “western clothing” were subject to varying degrees of violence....

This is how brazen the attackers in one incident were:

“When I said I would call the police, one of them offered me his mobile phone and told me to go right ahead."

Here's a first person account of another victim. [Hat tip to the Pink Chaddi campaign for all the links].

The title of this post may appear a little over the top, but let me just give a short extract from Prem Panicker's post:

No, seriously: what has the police and the state done to those involved in the Mangalore pub attacks? Arrested them for show, and let them loose again when your back was turned. What do you expect the Bangalore police to do about this latest atrocity? The same. It is not in a political party’s interests to restrain goons who nominally owe it allegiance, even if it disagrees with their actions [And while on that, have you heard of any major political party or leader coming forward to condemn these attacks?]

Now go read Prem's post. All of it.


  1. Anonymous said...

    It's not just Bangalore, any city, which is under BJP govt., is not safe for women.

  2. Anonymous said...

    In Bangalore, unlike Mangalore, it's just that eve teasers have found a new excuse to torment women on the street.

  3. புருனோ Bruno said...

    // it's just that eve teasers have found a new excuse to torment women on the street.//


  4. Anonymous said...

    Look at the positive side guys... The BJP govt is working hard to provide employment opportunities to the eve teasers as moral police.. Then later they can claim they provided employment!! And eve teasers are always so good in their eve teasing jobs. Wow what an insight. We have got a screwed up govt. I feel the only way to stop this is to have a govt formed of a sound education qualification. Even a driver needs to have a 10th pass certificate, then y not a politician? Atleast from now on govt. should put up a constraint for the post! Or else these bastards earn millions under the table with no qualification.... After all how many of them open their mouth at the session with the central govt.

  5. Ajay Harish said...

    Well for someone writing anonymous comments up there - I definitely say that its because of people like you that we have this. You don't even want to and have the guts to mention a name (not even a fake one).

    While atrocities were being committed on the streets of Bangalore - there were loads of peopel standing and watching - you are probably just like that who stand in the background to see the fun.

    If the author of the blog is reading my comments - This is just a suggestion and my 2 cents on this (as a follower of this blog who looks up at this blog for quality information) that anonymous comments should not be allowed at the least to just prevent people from standing behind the curtains and saying crap.

    Secondly just as a comment on the content itself - I don't think its right to show our fingers at the government for everything. There are a lot of loopholes in the law itself that let's these people out on bail - so I don't see a point in blaming the legislature when the problem is in the judiciary.

  6. Anonymous said...

    I am not the anon over in the previous post, but HArish, just because you leave your name, does not make you a grand hero. Leaving comments anonymously is easy. And I will come back and see what you write, and rebutt your ass.(Mr. Harish, really who are you eh? as anonymous as most posters here)

  7. drawingboy said...

    Sangh Parivar is the worst thing happened to India as a country. The saffron goons in this country now want to take women to the Manu days, in the most subjugated and oppressive ways. It is really ironical. On the one way they are happy embracing globalisation and on the other they want women to be submissive and oppressive. It is time all the secular and right-thinking people in this country wake up to the threat posed by the Indian version of Taliban

  8. Anonymous said...

    Okay, once again after a few months i would like to know the situation. I'm planning to move to Bangalore in a month or two. It's not yet finalized. I'm from north India and really need to know if Bangalore is safe for women? What are the things that I should keep in mind?
    Thanks in advance.