Thursday, February 12, 2009

Darwin 200

Happy 200th birthday, Darwin!

DarwinsigNature has an issue out today, and it's filled with tons of stuff on Darwin's life, work and legacy. Most of this content may not be paywalled (I'm taking a wild guess here), so go check it out. [Update: I think the section on Darwin 200 may be open to everyone. I'll post an update if it's not]

One of the curious things there in Nature's Darwin 200 issue is a debate on whether scientists should study race and IQ: Steven Rose says 'no', and Stephen Ceci and Wendy M. Williams say 'yes'.

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  1. Shubashree said...

    Thanks Abhinandan, your blog is very informative and interesting. As you'd pointed out, most of the articles on Nature were pay-walled. The debate on IQ analysis was perhaps the only thing allowed free!

    About this subject - the group in support says that imposing political correctness makes science practice a religion and not a free enterprise. Is there such a thing? After all scientists, especially well-known ones are powerful persons and "political correctness" is often imposed on behalf of those with less "presence". And then again, science does seem to be a religion without a god like Buddhism and others that we know...