Saturday, February 28, 2009

Nisha Susan on the Pink Chaddi campaign

Susan, one of the women behind the Pink Chaddi campaign, has a column in Tehelka: Valentine's Warriors: Why it began and how [Hat tip: Mekie]. Here's a short extract:

Did we anticipate the response we got? No. Within a day of starting the campaign we had 500 odd members. In a week we hit 40,000. From Puerto Rico to Singapore, from Chennai to Ahmedabad, from Guwahati to Amritsar, people wrote to us, how do I send my chaddis? But by then the campaign had gone offline. Elderly men and women, schoolchildren, middle-aged housewives, gravelly-voiced big men from Bihar who did not quite want to say the word chaddi aloud called us. The Sene called us on the numbers we had helpfully left online demanding, “Who is your leader?” How satisfying it was to say that we had none. How satisfying that young people offered their homes as collection points, bravely allowing their addresses to be published online. How satisfying that the crazies and conspiracy theorists were outnumbered ten to one by hilarious stories. Were you the one who told us that a famous Bollywood lyricist had written a song for the gulabi chaddi? Or were you the one who sent us the Amul ads featuring the pink chaddi? Or were you one of the Mumbai housewives gravely posing with underwear? Or the biker who created a miniature pink chaddi to tie on your handlebars?


  1. Living Rich said...

    Moral Policing, Stop It Right Now !

    It is like outburst of plague. It is spreading like a communicable disease and there is danger that it will engulf whole country if not treated fast. After Manglore now it has reached Banglore.

    After all such goons are not interested in welfare of our culture or country but they are interested only in molesting women.

    They enjoy harassing women and love it because it gives them feeling that women are still weak and they can use them as they wish. Forget it.....