Monday, February 16, 2009

Links ...

  1. Prof. S. Ranganathan at Materialia Indica: A brief history of materials - 1: Metallurgical heritage of India.

  2. Abraham Lincoln, the "sound-bite machine"!

  3. Graeme Wood on Lalu Yadav. The Indian Railway King: How did India’s Huey Long become its Jack Welch? [Link via Reuben Abraham]

  4. From this page: the Budget Speech. Since it's only the interim budget, it lacks a lot of details. And in any case, it'll likely see a lot of changes when a new government comes in. So, an analysis is probably not worth our effort now.

  5. Brad Stone in NYTimes: Classroom computers now have a competitor: Do 'smart' phones in classrooms really make kids smarter?