Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Stayin' alive in the emergency room

Researchers say the Bee Gees song, from the 1977 hit movie “Saturday Night Fever,” offers almost the perfect pace for performing chest compressions on people who have had heart attacks. Emergency workers doing cardiopulmonary resuscitation are advised to press down on the chest 100 times a minute. “Stayin’ Alive” has 103 beats a minute.

That's from Eric Nagourney's report.

* * *

Audacity of Big Science: Also in today's Science section of the NYTimes, there's another story on a new, 2.7 billion dollar project that will track some 100,000 children from birth all the way up to their 21st birthday.


  1. புருனோ Bruno said...

    It is no more 100 times a minute. The recent concept is different