Saturday, October 18, 2008

Links: Desi Academics Edition

  1. Shilpa Phadke: Indian Feminism 101. A great response to some seriously lazy reporting in IHT.

  2. Vikram Garg: The College Culture of the United States and India: Part 1.

  3. Suvrat Kher: Indian Geosciences And Thoughts On Bengali Geologists.

  4. Mekiea: Chandrayaan - Mineral Mapping of the Moon.

  5. Sunil Laxman: Life in the center of the earth (almost) .

  6. Arunn Narasimhan: Notes on using LaTeX for Blogging.

  7. Ashutosh Jogalekar: The Unbearable Heat Capacity of Being.

  8. Sri: Musings on Higher Education - I : The Role of Higher Education in Civilized Societies and II : Exams, Benchmarking and Mechanism Design.

  9. Animesh Pathak: : F**k me, I Have a PhD!

Bonus link, especially for those of you at or from IISc: Slogan Murugan has a great photograph from the 'Circle' Mariamma Temple. His 'slogan' for the photograph is even better! Thanks to FĂ«anor for the link.


  1. Animesh said...

    Thanks for the link Abi. I was wondering why half my traffic today is from your blog :).

  2. madraskaari said...

    In this context I remember another earlier disconcerting piece by AG of IHT on Shanthi the intersex athlete.

  3. Anonymous said...

    Thanks for linking, hope you found some good points in my post.

  4. Anonymous said...

    Thanks for the link, Abi.
    Pipa, I looked for the piece you mention but couldn't locate it.
    Anyway, am really pleased to have my response note on the net and linked widely! Love this form of publishing and the connections it fosters.

  5. Anonymous said...

    Thanks..would've missed the rebuttal by Shilpa to the IHT article if not for your post..
    And its not just "seriously lazy reporting". It's seriously flawed and terrible reporting by Giridhardas. Great response by Shilpa.