Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Kili Josiyam goes, but Sampoorna woman stays

Well, that's the gist of the changes in the PanIIT-2008 'Spouses Program'. Here's a pseudonymous reader's comment that alerted me about the small concession by the PanIIT-2008 organizers :

His Grey Eminence said:

I looked today (Oct.14) at the offending 'Especially for Women' section on the PanIIT2008 website, and if I'm not much mistaken, the following things are missing from it:

  1. Astrology
  2. Kili jotsyam
  3. Shilpa Shetty

However, I notice that H. Malini is still supremely Sampoorna, and all spouses are still female-only-please.

Small mercies. But a step in the right direction.

Small mercies, indeed.

So the letters from IITians (two of which were reproduced in this blog), blog posts (here, here, here, here and here) and a news story have had some -- but only some -- effect: PanIIT-2008 organizers have chosen to move from complete idiocy to a partial one.

As the commenter points out, there is still this underlying assumption that all the spouses of PanIIT-2008 delegates are women who need lessons from Hema Malini on what makes a complete woman.


  1. Animesh said...

    what, No Shilpa Shetty?! How are our women to know the tricks of being "sampoorna" in the 21st century?


  2. Sumedha said...

    Maybe Shilpa Shetty just refused to come. If they can create such a fucked up programme, and then actually defend it, I doubt they would change it willingly.

  3. madraskaari said...

    ah that doesn't explain the killi-josiers and astologers :-)))

    This is beyond funny at this point.

    abi-- I will be writing to you on this soon.

  4. Neelima said...


    Rohini Godbole and I sent you an e-mail about the Women in Science and Technology program at IIT Madras on 20th December. It is also linked to the PAN-IIT page. We see not a word on this. About the `attracting women students and faculty to science' panel discussion in the education track of the PAN-IIT , we only saw some cracks. It's more interesting to make cracks about the hapless spouses, isn't it, than to emphasize serious programs?
    I guess supposedly serious blogs also go the way of journalism these days!

    Neelima Gupte.