Monday, October 06, 2008

Secret Lives

... [N]ot many know that the diminutive slender loris inhabits the canopy on [the Indian Institute of Scienc's] 450-acre campus or that partridge’s nest in its grassland, or that 12 snake species live in the undergrowth.

It is only fitting therefore that Ms. Mhatre should name her coffee table book on biodiversity in IISc. as “Secret Lives”.

The pictorial book [will] be released in December to coincide with the institute’s centenary celebrations ...

That's The HIndu's Divya Gandhi reporting on Secret Lives by Natasha Mhatre.

On her blog, Natasha has been updating us on her progress with the book. While waiting for her book, you can feast your eyes on her wonderful photographs; her pics that appear in her blog come with an added attraction: we get to know about her subjects' habitat, lifestyle, etc., through the accompanying commentary.