Thursday, April 03, 2008

WTF: Pallavi Aiyar edition

We must call a foul on Pallavi Aiyar and N. Ram for peddling this garbage:

... for Beijing to appear ‘soft’ on the Dalai Lama would be as politically unpalatable domestically as it would be in the United States were Washington to decide to engage in dialogue with Osama bin Laden.

To reiterate, this odious comparison in Aiyar's op-ed [1] didn't come from anyone in Chinese government; it didn't come from the Chinese elites; it didn't come from Chinese citizenry; heck, it's not even a direct quote from one of the poorly-informed, angry, foul-tempered, trigger-happy Chinese "netizens" (of whom, apparently, there are many, and Aiyar tells us that they tend to be poorly informed about their country's history). No, that piece of filth is an opinion from Pallavi Aiyar, and the Hindu's Chief Editor N. Ram not only chose to publish it, but also used it in the op-ed's abstract.

Pallavi Aiyar and N. Ram are a disgrace to their profession.

* * *

[1] The rest of Aiyar's op-ed is actually a calmly argued piece that attempts to give us a sense of how the Chinese people view the ongoing protests in Tibet, and about how justified they are in their hostility towards the Tibetan cause. I have no idea about how faithful a messenger Aiyar is in conveying the Chinese people's opinions; given the above quote, I would tend to discount everything coming from Aiyar's pen.


  1. Anonymous said...

    What more you can expect from these guys? More is here

  2. Anant said...

    The thinking Indian's newspaper strikes again, eh?

  3. Anonymous said...

    Silly Communists, always trying hard to save their beautiful ideology from reality. An yesteryear actress on botox and implants and liposuction and space age underwear, trying badly to be in young company to keep her self image.

  4. Anonymous said...

    Yeah -- don't know where that came from...


  5. Anonymous said...

    As a Han Oversea Chinese, I could responsibly inform you. Aiyar is right, Dalai Lama is hugely detested by majority Chinese, due to his dishonesty to history, passive agression, racism, and more. He is resented by many as if Bin Ladern, without doubt. Why Dalai never really interested in having dailouge with Chinese people, instead having all passion to woo western media, creat division. If he is truely believe in his truethfullness, he should talk to Chinese, if not the mainland government, at least to Chinese oversea media. How come he wasn't interested? was because Chinese know alot more about where he and Tibetan come from than most westerns?