Sunday, April 13, 2008

ToI on the coaching school business in Kota

While the ToI story covers a lot of stuff -- including the economics and recursive coaching -- here's a bit about "managing" schools:

In addition to rented rooms, schools are also easy to come by. In fact coaching classes give students a list of schools which they can apply to. Enrolling in schools for Classes XI and XII, though, is a formality for most students. "I attend school around once in two weeks to show my face there," a student told TOI.

Some students even ‘manage’ schools in their hometown, which waive attendance norms for them. "When students from their institutions make it to IITs and score great marks in board exams too, why should the school object, anyway?" asks the director of a coaching class.

The Joint Entrance Examination of the IITs was held today; reports indicate that over 300,000 students had applied to take this exam. Here's Hemali Chhapia on the IITs' secret formula for selecting their students.


  1. Pratik Ray said...

    Hemali Chhapia's article sort of makes sense about the extremely low single digit cut-offs, since that just appears to be the stage 1 cutoff. It would be interesting to know the cut offs for the other stages as well.

  2. Niket said...

    I paraphrase someone's statement, which is apt in this context:
    "Don't trust all things that come out of Indian newspapers."