Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Internets teach me something new ...

... here's today's lesson:

Women who spray testosterone on their stomach to raise their sex drive may not see much benefit — unless they also want to grow hair on their belly.

Bonus: You really, really, cannot swallow your own tongue, even when you have a seizure.


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  2. Nappinnai NC said...

    How come i missed this baloney? Thats ridiculous and stupid. Sex(to spirituality) is in the mind first. 90% of Erectile Dysfunction(ED)in men is mainly due to psychological causes and not neurological, harmonal or circulatory based.

    Testosterone is a hormone produced by the Leydig cells(Sertoli cells produce the sperms) in the testicles and directly injected into the bloodstream. In a blood test(man or woman), testosterone levels in men are roughly 25-27 times more than that in women. So many nonsensical sexual products for some kind of enhancement are sold on the internet/market for this kind of stupid people who believe everything they see & read and ignorants/fakers make money out of these.

    Instead of spray, they can as well see the Urologist and go for mild testosterone therapy under his supervision! Obviously a woman will look like bear:-) Or they should consult a sexologist as they do research only in sex. Urologists(who deal with male private parts like penis/testicles) are totally unhappy with their buddies Board of Pediatricians(who don't deal with male genitals) who decide to circumcise male infants. Circumcision was done routinely in 70% cases during the 70s and now the no. has come down. I'm sure guys must be cursing these pediatricians for depriving them the pleasure. I have a better suggestion for these women: Keep the mind sexy & imaginative. That's what a sexologist would recommend.

    In a recent report in US, couple(husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend) experience only 50 orgasms a year which is a low number. This low number could be the result of such women with false information. I pity the guys. Knowing the science of sex(besides the art form of it)can increase a couple's chances of happiness in sex life.

    PS:There is a nice article 'Joy of uncircumcising' which appeared in the British Medical Journal in early 80s. Here is the link.


  3. Nappinnai NC said...

    Abinandanan, i said the journal article was published in the 80s. Who remembers the year when the subject is not one's area of study. Anyways I was wrong and it was in 90s. Please correct it and add it as a note. Thanks and appreciate it.