Tuesday, April 01, 2008

"Regrettable but unfortunately very necessary"

This stuff about Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky is wickedly funny [don't click through if pornographic language offends you].

"This trial is not about sex, it's about perjury," Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott (R-MS) said. "Our job is to determine whether or not the president lied under oath. Although the Starr Report contained many detailed descriptions, until we see for ourselves, with our own eyes, exactly what took place during these secret rendezvous between the president and Miss Lewinsky, we won't have all the facts necessary to determine if the president's statements before the grand jury constituted a crime."

* * *

Check out this site, a dating service -- "Matrimony is not our motive!" -- for IIT and IIM graduates. Since it so fits this post's title (and since I find the whole thing almost as funny as the Onion story), I have decided to include it here. Everything there, though, sounds like an April Fools' Day prank [Update: It is an AFD prank, and the link is dead.]. Anyways, here's the site's raison d'ĂȘtre, according to its founders:

... [A]fter noticing that many of our friends at IIT have trouble meeting people they like. The reasons are many. The main reason however is that there is never an opportunity to meet women. In IIT we were busy with academics and there were so few girls in IIT and after IIT, we worked so hard that we never had the time nor opportunity. When we spoke to friends about this issue, we realised that most IIT / IIM graduates have this problem, even the girls. So we thought we’ll create an opportunity to meet people. And so Timedin.com was born. [Emphasis added]

What's in it for the non-IITians? The website's founders have thought about that too!

We looked around and realised that the number of IIT / IIM graduates who are not married are very small. And the number of people who might be interested in meeting such graduates is very large. So, to maintain a healthy balance of interesting people in the group, we’ve restricted entry for non IIT IIM members to be on invitation only! Once in the members area, you can invite friends to join the community.


  1. amrit said...

    Now moved to www.prank.vatsap.com

  2. Abi said...

    Wow! Thanks, Amrit.