Sunday, April 27, 2008

Links ...

Someone is not wrong on the internet! [How can he be wrong when he's saying nice things about colleagues in my Department?]

Brutally honest: PHD Comics on post-doc stints.

Bansal Classes of South Korea! [Except that the target is an Ivy League university]

T.T. Ram Mohan on the new IITs and IIMs. Yes, he offers a convincing counter to the 'brand dilution' argument.

Amrutha is (also) upset with P.V. Indiresan's screed arguments against creating new IITs; her critique covers some areas that I did not pursue in my post.

And, finally, to-day's mystery link [Thanks to Badri for the link].


  1. Unknown said...

    Not honest enough. Bill does not make twice as much as he used to make (unless you take the exchange rate into account)

    Wait, he could have it all stashed away somewhere? Oh no.

  2. Anant said...

    Please provide a link for the Garg classes of Korea!