Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Who owns the domain *

Why does this domain allow fake blogs to be set up? Why does it allow them to copy -- in full! -- my posts?

More importantly, why does Google's BlogSearch index these fake blogs? Why does it send unsuspecting readers to them?

Is it because Google's BlogSearch is a stupid program or because these fake sites -- spam sites, actually -- carry ads dished out by Google's AdSense?

* * *

Note: I have complained to the BlogSearch team earlier about another spam domain, and that domain stopped appearing in my subsequent searches. Now I find * as well as *.* And their entire content is made up of posts from others' blogs! [The only redeeming feature is that they acknowledge the source ...] Other blog search programs (such as Technorati, IceRocket, BlogPulse, BlogLines) seem to do a good job of ignoring these fake blogs.

I am sick of Google's BlogSearch.


  1. Madhat said...

    yeah, blog search does suck...