Thursday, February 01, 2007

Links ...

Dave Munger at Cognitive Daily: "If you save too much when young, 'You could end up squandering your youth rather than your money."Don't save too much when young.'"

Sean Carroll discusses an academic paper on "Sex differences in intellectual performance: Analysis of a Large Cohort of Competitive Chess Players".

"What is a feminist theory of science, anyway?" Zuska provides an answer.

Thanks to Caltech computer scientist Mathieu Desbrun, animated movies and games will have more realistic fluid motion.

How does beer look when you 'view' it in a microscope? Stunning. [via Guru].

From the department of "who knew?": "While a lot has been written about the growth of the middle class, not enough has been analysed and discussed about the emergence of a new 'very affluent' class."

Double life of a 'hacker': how Dave Thomas cooperated with the FBI to nab some of the online fraudsters.