Sunday, February 11, 2007

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How come school teachers have so much political clout? Swaminathan Aiyar has the scoop:

...[G]overnment teachers preside over polling booths at election time. So we must cosset them, not antagonise them. Otherwise teachers will help rival parties to rig elections, and we cannot afford that at any cost.

A recent book by Geeta Kingdon and Mohammed Muzammil The Political Economy of Education in India throws new light on teacher power in UP. Teachers are politically strong because they themselves have become politicians in astonishingly large numbers.

Masterji has become netaji. [...]

When it comes to dominance and continuous innovation in an industry, geography is destiny.

What is congestion pricing? Is it time to introduce it in Bengalooru and our other continuously traffic-jammed cities?

In the life of a start-up, the very early stages are probably the most productive.

Does the Nation of Scientists respect its citizens' right to free speech? From the comments section, I found this great quote attributed to George E.P. Box:

Essentially, all models are wrong, but some are useful.