Saturday, February 03, 2007


iMechanica, the online community of mechanicians (yes, that's how solid and computational mechanics people prefer to call themselves), crosses a pretty impressive milestone: 1000 users. It's an active community of nice, pleasant people, and it offers many different ways of interacting with other users: sharing course notes and preprints of academic papers, blog posts, journal clubs, book reviews, announcements about jobs, conferences, new books, new courses, ... Do read this post by Prof. Zhigang Suo (User #2!) about what this multi-faceted online community has achieved and where it is headed.

And, isn't this a really, really cool way of signing off (on the post announcing the 1000-user milestone):

And so, my fellow mechanicians: ask not what you can do for iMechanica - ask what iMechanica can do for you.