Friday, February 02, 2007

Current Science enters the era of Web 2.0!

The latest issue of Current Science has an article by B.K. Sen (pdf) on the current state of science in India. You may not want to read the article (because it's, um, quite terrible), but do check out the first reference: it's to this blog post by Srinivasa Ramanujam!

While there, also check out this syllabus in verse (pdf) for a course on Cognition and Machine Intelligence taught by Prof. Veni Madhavan, a colleague in the Department of Computer Science and Automation. Here's the last stanza:

Is homeotrophy
    the answer to creativity?
Does a grammar of thought co-exist
   with a grammar of randomness?
And thus shall we reason about,
   the ensemble of neuro-transmitters
   that excite, inhibit and modulate
   and concoct
   a heady brew,
   the alchemy of thought.
   Is thought(ness)k , k = 0, …, ∞
   the transcendence between
   thoughtlessness and thoughtfulness?