Sunday, December 03, 2006

What happens to bloggers outside the establishment?

They become insiders, of course. The process has already begun -- in the US.

You might think that with the kind of rhetoric bloggers regularly muster against politicians, they would never work for them. But you would be wrong.[...]

But this year, candidates across the country found plenty of outsiders ready and willing to move inside their campaigns. Candidates hired some bloggers to blog and paid others consulting fees for Internet strategy advice or more traditional campaign tasks like opposition research.


  1. gaddeswarup said...

    Here is an excerpt from a post of mine last December:
    "There were a couple of articles in the New York Review of Books:
    about the difficulties of getting reliable news, more in terms of pressures on journalists, publishers profit concerns and omissions. Blogs do not seem to fare well either. There seem to be nexus between various blogs, radio and TV stations, particularly among the right wing. "
    Since then, I have also heard that some bloggers are funded by corporations etc. I guess that any process is corruptible and will be corrupted. Probably, more sources to choose from are available, and hopefully one can arrive at some approximation to the truth, of course usually late.