Thursday, December 21, 2006

Three new IITs: A follow-up

They are going to be located in Andhra Pradesh, Bihar and Rajasthan. Going by Yogesh's comment on my earlier post, one of these IITs was supposed to come to Karnataka, which now seems to have lost out to Rajasthan.


  1. Anonymous said...

    Nothing in Kerala? :-( My father was telling me that Manmohan Singh promised something on November 1, the 50th anniversary of Kerala's formation. Also, the Chief Minister said that it would be set up in Palakkad.

    And what about this?

  2. chitta said...

    News reports for several branch campuses are floating around. This includes a branch of IIT Madras in Kerala, a branch of IIT Bombay in Gujarat, a branch of IIT Kharagpur in Bhubaneswar, a branch of IIT Kharagpur in Kolkata, and a branch of IIT Kanpur in NOIDA. The news reports about the first three talk about something that will eventually have the student and faculty strength of a regular IIT and talk about land areas around 300 acres. The news reports of the other two talk about graduate and research programs and much less land requirements.

  3. Shankar said...

    been reading your blog for a while ... i dont think karnataka govt. even cares fot the iits. state pu board exam are scheduled from 29th march to 10th april, iit jee is on 9th april. despite requests, the schedule wasn't changed. that is how the govt. shows its interest in education