Thursday, December 07, 2006

Unreasonable persistence of mothers' influence on their sons

Did you know that, for men, the ratio of the length of the second digit (aka the index finger) to that of the fourth (the ring finger) is correlated inversely with level of testosterone they were exposed to in the womb? I didn't either.

Now, get this: "the dancing men with the lower 2D:4D ratio [i.e., those with a greater testosterone exposure] were rated by the women as significantly more attractive, dominant and masculine."


  1. Doctor Bruno said...

    This is a well documented fact in palmistry

    The fourth finger is the finger of Sun and determines all features related to Sun

    Guys with a long index finger are the ones we use to term as "paruppu" பருப்பு

  2. Venkat said...

    Abi, I am going to recommend this to IgNobel prize. This has a great chance of winning.