Wednesday, December 13, 2006

R.K. Narayan, James Clerk Maxwell, Smita Patil

The birth centenary of R.K. Narayan, the man who "put modern Indian writing on the map", is the occasion for a nice profile Jhumpa Lahiri in Boston Review, and a second, absolutely terrific one by Wyatt Mason in the New Yorker.

The 175th birth anniversary of James Clerk, the physicist whose shoulders Einstein chose to stand on, is the reason for a Physics Web profile by Francis Everitt.

Twenty years ago today, Smita Patil, a princess of art movies in the 1970s before she made it big in commercial and art cinema in the 80s, passed away at a horribly young age of 31. Rediff has a profile by Dinesh Raheja, and this short bio.

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Thanks to Guru (here and here) for a couple of links.


  1. Anonymous said...

    Hi Abi,

    Thanks for the link to Maxwell's bio. Knew he was a great and original researcher. But was blown off to know that his first publication was at the age of 14! :) His mental 'Elasticity' is also remarkable!

  2. Shencottah said...

    I wonder how I missed this post and Guru's post too. I clicked the link to Guru's post and there I found the link to Guha's article. Thanks.