Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Tsunami: Two years later

Today marks the second anniversary of the huge South Asian Tsunami that consumed 230,000 lives and devastated the lives of millions more [see the pictures posted here to get an idea about the power of this particular tsunami]. In the Hindu, Gopal Raj updates us on the tsunami early warning system that will be in place by September 2007. Ramya Kannan has a story on the new inequalities created by the huge inflow of aid into the tsunami-hit areas of Tamil Nadu: those poor who were not affected by the tsunami are the have nots.

... A woman whose husband died at sea before the tsunami struck is only partly joking when she says: "Had he died during the tsunami, our family would have at least got the benefits!"

Kiruba offers an anecdote from Vani. [Via Bruno].

By a freaky coincidence, there was an earthquake off southwestern Taiwan; there were fears of a tsunami that could hit countries like the Philippines. Apparently, there's no danger.

Update: Shunya has a picture of the tsunami memorial at Kanyakumari where, he notes, over a thousand people died.