Thursday, November 10, 2005

Shirtless in Seattle

Actually, it is not Seattle. It's Chapman University in Southern California, where Jacob Authier, a student in his third year, has been walking around shirtless. The story by David Epstein has been published by Inside HigherEd.

Interestingly, the only ones who even notice this are some of his fellow students who have formed some kind of a fan club!

[...]He’ll often paint his nipples black, or, on special occasions, some more festive color, like green for St. Patrick’s Day. He said he’s considering candy cane swirl nipples for Christmas this year. For Valentine’s Day, Authier’s brother Joe, a sophomore at Chapman, used a pocket knife to carve a heart – not the cartoon kind, but one with veins and ventricles – into Authier’s chest, and wings on his back. Authier said the wing markings have faded, but the heart “was cut a little too deep,” and the scars are still there.

There is other such weird stuff in the story. The really amazing thing is that the faculty don't really seem to mind.

Perhaps Anna University should send its Vice-Chancellor Prof. D. Viswanathan to Chapman on a study tour!


  1. Anonymous said...

    if it was Seattle, and it was this time of the year, he'd be a little wet, and very cold (or slowly freezing).

    As for D. Vishwanathan.....i have a few choice epithets reserved for him (which i've kept selectively for him since my college days).

  2. Anonymous said...

    If it were Jane Authier instead of Jacob Authier, we would have a USC-gate. Not to say, crusaders coming knocking at the door.

  3. Abi said...

    Sunil: You *have* to say something about our beloved D. (for dictator) Viswanathan. I look forward to your 'choice words'.

    Niket: Even by the southern California standards, Jacob seems to be too much (in a college, I mean); he has got himself into the pages of LA times, too.

  4. Anonymous said...

    Mebbe we shud just send him to the moon and hope he never comes back. bleugh... The tyranny ...