Tuesday, November 01, 2005

News about IISc

Let me just point you -- without further comment -- to this link (to a story in the Hindu in its Bangalore edition):

IISc. seeks Rs. 700 crores from Centre for modernisation

In an earlier news story (for which I have so far failed to find a link) in the Bangalore edition of the Hindu dated October 29, it was also reported that IISc is planning another campus and may also introduce undergraduate programme. The report says:


For this, the IISc plans to approach the State Government and request it to grant the institute around 200 acres of land in Bangalore. However, as the idea is still in the planning stages, the IISc is yet to submit an official proposal to the Government although informal discussions are going on, says a senior faculty member.

The proposed undergraduate programme is contingent upon acquiring the land as the present campus does not have the infrastructure to meed the demands of an additional undergraduate programme.


A group of scientists recently recommended to the science advisory committee to the Union Cabinet that the IISc set up an undergraduate programme. These scientists believe that the introduction of such a programme by a premier institution will lead to a revival of interest in science among high school students and will help improve the quality of science graduates.

However, the idea has evoked a mixed response among the IISc faculty. Several of them feel the establishment of an undergraduate programme will take away from the institute's avowed focus on research. "The workload of teaching undergraduates is far too much. Many of them have to be spoon-fed," says a senior faculty member.

Acknowledging the ambivalent response, the senior faculty member involved with the initiative says that even if an undergraduate programme is established, there would be no need for current faculty members to be concerned because new faculty members will be hired for hte undergraduate programme. "We will probably go on a faculty recruitment drive by which a whole new group will be added."


When contacted about the undergraduate initiative, he [IISc Director P. Balaram] said, "IISc is thinking of such an experiment, but it is still in the very early stages. It is an idea that we need to discuss among our faculty members", he stressed. [sic]