Sunday, November 20, 2005

The hottest post in this blog!

Recently, I installed sitemeter in my blog to get an idea about the visitors to this blog. First, some general observations before I reveal the hottest post.

This blog gets about thirty to fifty people visitors daily. This number is probably over and above that of people accessing it through some aggregators, who don't have to visit except for commenting. However, there are some events that give a short term boost in traffic. In my case, such events happen to include

  • a mention in some high traffic blogs such as Desi Pundit, Amit's India Uncut and Dilip's Death Ends Fun.
  • a mention in blogmelas, such as the current one by Veena. This effect, however, is smaller than the previous one.
  • some posts getting into the first few pages of a search engine.
  • a mention in some high volume mailing list.

Many of these short term boosts tend to have a very short half-life -- typically a couple of days.

Now, the hottest post in my blog is [drum roll, please] 'Naugthy academics, again'. It was posted so long ago that I have no idea how many people read it -- probably not more than a few. But now, it gets a steady stream of one or two visitors every day, even after such a long time. Invariably, visitors come here by googling just one word: 'naugthy' -- yes, with a spelling mistake. When you google this word, my post appears right in the first page (at least as of now)! Just check it yourself, to have an idea about the rather exalted neighbourhood I live in ...

So, some poor soul who cannot spell 'naughty' visits this post looking for horny stuff, but ends up getting informed about how academics cheat!


  1. Anonymous said...

    Abi, I came to this post looking for nauhgty stuff, or naugthy stuff, or notty stuff, or ... I'm completely confused. But where's the knotty stuff?

  2. Abi said...

    But where's the knotty stuff?

    Yeah, Dilip, that's exactly what those horny dudes are asking too!