Friday, November 18, 2005

It looks like a bubble, feels like a bubble ...

... and appears to be going up like a bubble, too! But it's not a bubble, says John Battelle in a NYTimes op-ed.

...[W]e are witnessing the Web's second coming, and it's even got a name, "Web 2.0" - although exactly what that moniker stands for is the topic of debate in the technology industry. For most it signifies a new way of starting and running companies - with less capital, more focus on the customer and a far more open business model when it comes to working with others. Archetypal Web 2.0 companies include Flickr, a photo sharing site; Bloglines, a blog reading service; and MySpace, a music and social networking site.

He could have added and (see this Wired article about

After seeing and experiencing the dizzy heights to which the previous bubble took us, and feeling the deep pain of the fall, I would be careful whenever someone says, 'this time, it's different'. Battelle has some interesting things to say, and to be fair to him, he is not leading a gang of cheerleaders. But there is still some amount of 'it's different' in his piece.