Tuesday, November 15, 2005

IIPM's new ads and faculty pages

IIPM ads are back! I saw them in the Hindu (13 November) and the Economic Times (14 November) -- both are Bangalore editions. Nothing much has changed; the bombastic language has certainly not changed.

A few new observations: Under the 'Placements' section, it has a subsection titled '2006', but contains info about the 2005 placements. In this subsection, there is this: "The minimum entry package itself at campus for companies this year is Rs. 3 lacs [300,000 rupees] and the average will surely be beyond 4 lacs [400,000 rupees]." (the empashis is definitely from the original!).

What kind of a value addition is this? Is a 400,000-rupee package even respectable, as an average (that the ad says IIPM says 'will be surely beyond')? For an institution where students pay some 5+ lacs (500,000 rupees or more) over two years?

The 2005 season is gone, and why are they not able to give an exact figure for the average? Why do they say the 'average will surely be beyond ...".

In the meantime, IIPM's faculty webpages still have not changed since the time we looked at them over four weeks ago. I am sure you are really surprised.

"Dare to think beyond ..."? Yeah, sure.


  1. Anonymous said...

    Abi, I too sawthose ads and have tried to poke a few holes, like try searching Business Barons and as usual it will lead you nowhere! At least as of now. WE get a site saying business barons as the header and then the pages do not load! How typically IIPM.

  2. Abi said...

    Thanks Mridula. You have been doing some serious sleuthing!

    Yeah, you are absolutely right. Business Barrons seems to be about as elusive as information on IIPM website! I too enquired at several large magazine shops, and I haven't managed to get hold of it.

  3. Anonymous said...

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    and really i dont know what you meant by 4L being not respectable......we are still in india right??????


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