Monday, June 10, 2013

Liquid Oxygen

An "Ajit joke" popular among college-goers of a certain era had the great villain saying this to one of his sidekicks:

Robert, dump this man in liquid oxygen. Liquid won't let him live, and oxygen won't let him die.

Here's a video of a version of this idea -- dumping a piece of burning charcoal in liquid oxygen:


  1. Ajit R. Jadhav said...

    I am not very sure, but from what I now vaguely recall, unlike other Ajit jokes, this "liquid oxygen" line did _actually_ appear in some Hindi movie... I no longer remember which one, but if I recall it right, the script-writer for that movie was Kader Khan (the same famous Bollywood actor who, earlier, was into dramatics, and also is an engineer himself(?)) .

    ... Anyway, coming back to the video, evidently, contrary to what might be naively expected, the burning piece of charcoal does not cause an explosion, but instead begins to bounce around! ... Obviously, the surface area-to-volume ratio for this big a piece turns out to be too small. May be, fine enough particles of charcoal would behave differently---they would cause an explosion.

    ... Anyway, funny!


  2. Vijay said...

    Very nice Abi. A very Ajit moment, somewhat like life in Delhi :-)
    The experimenter is Polyakoff (sp) I think. Met him a year ago and he said that he had the periodic table written out on a hair from his impressive top. Wonder how he managed that.