Friday, June 28, 2013


  1. Jennifer Carpenter at Science Insider summarizes yet another study whose results would appear to blame women for their low status in science: Study Finds Women Biologists More Likely to Avoid Spotlight at Conferences. Here's the study itself.

  2. Rod Smolla has a great essay in Inside Higher Ed on The Legal Future of Affirmative Action in the US.

  3. UGC announces a set of norms for what our universities can and cannot do -- mostly the latter. Among the cannots: offer distance education program for MPhil and PhD degrees, courses through franchisee institutions, courses outside the state in which they are established.

  4. Trouble in CAT-land: results of some students have been tampered with -- not at the IIMs, but on the website that dishes out CAT scores to students and institutions. Private institutions that admit students using CAT scores are crying foul.

  5. Finally, xkcd has put together a very informative document on how modernity has destroyed humanity affected, among other things, people' ability to connect with each other.