Sunday, June 09, 2013

CMJ University "issued" 430+ PhDs in one year

And this private university was established just four years ago!

The story has been unraveling over the last month or so. A quick chronology:

  1. May 15: Meghalaya may ask CBI to probe CMJ University scam.

  2. May 25: CMJ University in Meghalaya warned of dissolution.

  3. May 28: CMJ varsity director surrenders -- Of ‘wanted’ trio, only university chancellor remains at large

  4. June 9: Government tells universities to cancel promotions based on CMJ degrees.

* * *

Update: See this report in The Telegraph about similar instances from Andhra Pradesh [I thank L for the comment-alert].


  1. L said...

    This goes on in other states too.

    The following website has the right idea-

  2. Ajit R. Jadhav said...

    As professors working at IISc and IIT Madras, both your _initial_ _conceptualizations_ of this matter should (at least) have consisted of _an element_ of _an_ envy/jealousy/whichever is worse (of the two (I can never determine that (given my (very) poor English))), shouldn't it? ...

    ... _Quantitatively_ speaking, i.e.?


    May be (more on this topic), later!


  3. Abi said...

    @L: Thanks for that alert. The scale of the scam is mind-boggling!