Friday, April 08, 2011

What else can Dhoni do?

Here are some possibilities brought to us from the corporate and B-school jungles by a gutsy team of ET reporters. [Thanks for the comment-alert, Dilip!]


  1. Dhoni should become a guest lecturer at the IIMs (this idea is from Bringi Dev, an adjunct professor at IIM-B).

  2. I would bat for Dhoni as the CFO of a company (from LK Gupta, LG Electronics).

  3. I would make Dhoni an executive director in our company (from Venugopal Dhoot, Videocon)

  4. [Dhoni] would be a perfect fit for the job of Congress president Sonia Gandhi (from Savita Prasad, Sabre Travel Tech).

At this rate, Dhoni's appearance in a Bo Knows type ad is imminent -- maybe with a slogan like "Dhoni Does!"


  1. Anonymous said...

    There is an ad campaign called "Droid does".