Friday, April 15, 2011

Entrance Exam Links

  1. Pdf image of the Harvard Entrance Exam - 1899 1869 (thanks, iitmsriram, for the correction). [Via Terry Tao who comments, "The mathematics portion has aged reasonably well; the classics and geography sections, less so."]

  2. Dheeraj Sanghi: IIT Joint Entrance Examination Completes Half Century of Secrecy

  3. Charu Sudan Kasturi in HT: IIT Professor Admits Errors in JEE Math Paper: "Prof. K.D. Joshi of IIT Bombay told HT he has found over 10 marks-worth of errors in this year’s math papers in the IIT Joint Entrance Examination."

  4. Suzan Fraser in AP: Prosecutors probe allegations of cheating, favouritism at Turkey's university entrance exam.


  1. iitmsriram said...

    Just a small correction, the exam is from 1869 and is stamped as received by the library in 1899.

  2. Abi said...

    @iitmsriram: Your're right. I've fixed the error. Thanks!